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Karana (x3 XP, Bots, Speed) Server.


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We have picked up hosting and support for the Karana (x3 XP, Bots, Speed) EQEMU Server.

---> Allakhazam! <---

---> Character Browser <---


BOTS and Commands

How to create a bot group ^bg
1) First Create a bot using ^botcreate NAME class race male/female
Example: ^botcreate Champ 1 1 1 - You just created A male Warrior named Champ!
Use ^botspawn Champ to spawn him
2) Next, We need set a leader of the a new Bot group. Target Champ and hit ^bgcreate BOTGROUP
Champ is now the bot group leader of BOTGROUP!
3) Now, Lets get his team together. Create a healer ^botcreate Healz 2 1 1 and spawn using ^botspawn Healz
4) Lets add Healz to Champs group. Target Champ
5) While Champ is targeted, type ^bgadd Healz
You just added Healz to Champ's group
6) How do you spawn the group? use ^bgload BOTGROUP
You just spawned the whole group! congrats
Repeat 3-5 to keep adding members to the BOTGROUP with leader Champ.

Other useful Bot Commands:
^attack spawned - Bots attack that target!
^camp spawned - Bots go ahead and camp, I'm done with you

Full Bot Command List

I've Killed Rello**** and I got an Epic 2.0 Augment, why can't I apply it? See list below.. I didn't want to limit by the class because you will want to Aug an Epic 2.0 for your bots. SEEEE there's a method to the madness.
Bard - Vesagran Shard of the Ancients
Beastlord - Spiritcaller Shard of the Ancients
Berserker - Vengeful Shard of the Ancients
Cleric - Divinity Shard of the Ancients
Druid - Brambles Shard of the Ancients
Enchanter - Eternal Shard of the Ancients
Magician - Primal Shard of the Ancients
Monk - Transcended Shard of the Ancients
Necromancer - Deathwhisper Shard of the Ancients
Paladin - Nightbane Shard of the Ancients
Ranger - Aurora Shard of the Ancients
Rogue - Nightshade Shard of the Ancients
Shadowknight - Innoruuk's Shard of the Ancients
Shaman - Heyokah Shard of the Ancients
Warrior - Kreljnok's Shard of the Ancients
Wizard - Power Shard of the Ancients

Spell File Link Below

Download and save Into your EQ client directory. This simply adds pets to the default spells_us.txt file.

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Link is dead(well not finished at least), Could use a description of the server details. I'm unsure what "speed" refers to in the server name.


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Any idea if this is connected in any way to the Karana server formerly run by DougleDragon? I played there and had a ton of toons, none of which show up here. So, just wondering.


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Hello and welcome, Am sure it's the same DB we it's now in the hands of Kush I know we have some old players returning and we are about to get another admin to support it, so you are in the right place for sure. Kick your shoes off and bare with us while we get things fix and sorted.
Glad you picked up Karana! ;)
Good luck man.
Edit,.. just saw above.. Speed has to do with run speed.. i upped it in the original db similar to Jboots.... I'll update the weebly site to link to this board.


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Change Log 11/6/2019

Bot AI and Command Changes
  • Added two new 'Owner Option' features:
    1. altcombat - enabled, bots aggro based on owner's attack state; disabled, pet-like behavior
    2. autodefend - enabled, bots defend owner on aggro; disabled, no action taken
  • Renamed bot command ^hold to ^suspend (same action and counter to ^release)
  • Repurposed bot command ^hold to override all attack actions
  • Reworked ^guard to allow all 'normal' actions and for bots to return to their guard spots when idle
  • Bot command ^attack should now work as intended - with noted exceptions above
  • Revamped bot command ^pull:
    1. Pulling bot will travel to entity, gain aggro, then return to home position
    2. Aggro is attained through the use of the low-damage spell 'Throw Stone'
    3. Pulling candidacy is currently determined by a 4-tier ranking system