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Karana (x3 XP, Bots, Speed) Server.

Oh, also noticed that the Beastlord Epic 1.0 is the only one that still has a recommended level on it (46). So while every other class gets full stats on theirs at lvl 1.. the poor poor Bst is stuck with 1... poor thing.... hehe.
Could be wrong as I didnt check out every single one.. but if its not its REALLY close :)


Staff member
I just checked the spells file from the OP post my pc shows it in english. Wish more ppl would chime in so we can see what's up better.

On a side note what client are you using for eq?
RoF2.. and thats really odd.. I downloaded it and its definitely NOT English lmao
I will try it again.. My PC could just be spazzing.. who knows
Ok, so in the spirit of not giving my PC a chance to F it up, I didnt download it again, I just opened it and copy & pasted it to my file.. hahah
And yes, that was definitely English
Aannnd... its still doing it, but only on 1 buff now. Ah well.. as long as it still gives me the buff.. at this point I will just roll with it.. haha.
Not sure what other things the spell file changes so I will keep the one from here and hope for the best :)
Well, had that one already, but I reinstalled them just in case. Haha, I dunno what issue mine is having. Just no clue.. Thanks for trying to help me sort it.