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KushGames ARK Servers Upgrade and Patch notes!

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The Land of Kush
The Future of Kush
The Land of Aberrant Kush

The Land of Scorched Kush

*The Land of Kusharok - is still no friendly fire

* Have PVP Friendly Fire Turned back on Be careful!


*All Servers have increased MAX Tribe members from 3 to 5.


All Servers now can use Unlimited Mind Wipes per level!

All Servers now have the following Decay!

Thatch - 8 Days

Wood - 16 Days

Stone - 24 Days

Metal - 32 Days


Kusharok having major RAM issues. Flushed Wild Dinos.


All Servers the following has been changed:

Taming Speed x2 to x4

Baby mature rate x1 to x2

Baby food consumption rate 1 to .5

Max Tribe Members to 5 to 8
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